Pool Supplies in Moline & Peoria

Who is Central Pool Supply? Our organization was founded in 1960 to serve the total needs of pool owners, builders, architects, engineers and pool operators who seek only the very best in swimming pools and equipment.

It is our hundreds of satisfied customers who by taking advantage of a single supply source have made our business what it is today, one of the largest pool supply companies in the mid-west. Our new office and warehouse in East Peoria encompasses over 63,000 square feet. Additionally, locations include Peoria and Moline, IL. Whatever your requirements may be, if it concerns swimming pools and supplies, we offer you the full capabilities of our entire professional staff.

What about Central Pool Supply’s Catalog and the 42,000 items listed? Sure, it is easy to list tons of equipment, but it is another story to have the stock to back it up.

The vast majority of the products shown are, in fact, standard stock items, what we ship out on a daily basis. These goods have been carefully selected for their high quality of workmanship and dependability on the job. While we think we have covered most everything, if yours is a special item, we welcome your inquiry by phone, fax, e-mail, or mail.

Why order from Central Pool Supply? Because Central Pool Supply Inc. is a pool specialist with no sidelines, we offer you our full facilities and capabilities 52 weeks a year. Our prices are more than competitive and we will ship anything from a small part to a complete pool kit, anywhere in the US.

1572 36th Avenue, Moline, IL 12465 and Peoria Moline: 309-764-4674 Peoria: 309-691-7510centralpoolsupply@sbcglobal.net