We at Central Pool Supply in Moline and Peoria know that if you have your own private swimming pool, you want to maintain your investment with premium quality chemicals and parts, as well as industry knowledge. You don’t want to waste time and money on misinformation and frustration. Every day, we welcome new customers who are looking for our expertise. Know that at Central Pool Supply, you will be dealing with true pool professionals.

If you are considering a pool purchase, we have the skills and experience to help you understand all of your available options without pushing extras. We talk plainly and honestly, and have the best prices on pools in the area. With our price-matching, you will always know you’re getting the best deal, so why not speak with the local experts who’ve been in business since 1959, serving Central Illinois?

We offer discounts on chemicals and parts to US Veterans, active servicemen, policemen and firemen. Just let us know!

Get A Pool!

Whether you’re looking at an above ground or in-ground pool, we have the perfectly-tailored solution to fit your needs. We won’t push extras, but we’ll take the time and effort to help you to understand everything about your pool purchase.We’re a pool store. We understand pools. You wouldn’t go to a big box store to buy fine jewelry, elegant furniture, or auto parts because you understand the importance of prioritizing value and quality over mass quantity. If you’re considering investing thousands, why would you expect a big-box store to suddenly provide the kind of quality service only a local, experienced dealer could. The real question is: “When it costs nothing, why wouldn’t you at least consult the experts first!?”

We have been in business for 50 years, serving the Peoria area and local communities. In that time, we’ve provided enjoyment to thousands of families around the area. Let us provide enjoyment to you and your family and make sure you are satisfied with your pool purchase for years to come!

Our supplier Swim’n Play, Inc, was founded in 1975 to better control product quality and to develop improvements and features sought by consumers. Swim’n Play pools are among the most durable above ground swimming pools available on the market today. Swim’n Play pools must meet rigorous quality control standards before leaving the factory. Never sacrificing quality for price, Swim’n Play has a simple philosophy: design and build the highest quality aboveground swimming pools and make them available to you.

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